we make. you sip.

An ex-GM of a Michelin-starred resto, I plead guilty to being a hospitality lifer and–clink!–an unabashed bon vivant! Long story short, I’ve been crafting & serving cocktails long before they were cool and during the party-poopin’ pandemic simply found some new ways to do it. The skinny: we can whip up something you love for local delivery here in L.A. or create a celebration libation that’s beguilingly bespoke & completely customized for your big event–whether you’re all getting together on Zoom or toasting each other in person! *And, Hell yeah! I cater.

  • So go ahead –> ask me anything! Email me (cheers@cocktailbarinajar.com) with the following: Event/Date/Location/# of Guests/Theme/Occasion/Desired Vibe and Budget and we’ll see what shakes out!